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As a reaction to an article released by, INLOCK is absolutely distancing itself from the company called CRED. We have not known them before, neither had any business connection to them.

INLOCK thinks it is important to comment on this story since crypto lending is an industry based on trust and giving information to our clients is the most important for us.

The article can be found here:

The same article in Hungarian language:

The opinion of Csaba Csabai, CEO of INLOCK is the following in connection with this topic:

„When a lending platform writes about itself…

One of the most important values for INLOCK is transparency and informing our clients about risks in a comprehensive way. For this purpose, we summarize our following incident involving the ILK token smart contract.

On the 20th of March, 2021, we started an investigation of a possible incident at night following independent reports. Someone initiated a large-scale market sale on the Liquid stock exchange. The volume of sales exceeded 30 million ILKs.

Since the sale completely emptied the order book, we assumed the seller could have gotten the tokens in some illegal way, as they were not very interested in…

After nearly a year of collaboration, a service called Decentrader will soon launch, which will mainly contain daily podcasts, tips, indicators, analysis, and advice, as well as the ability for members to communicate directly with the site’s two renowned traders, Filbfilb and Philip Swift. They are well-regarded professionals with an active tracking base of more than 10,000 people. dashboard

The INLOCK team was also involved in the preparations, therefore Decentrader will be the first so-called white label partner where followers will meet and use INLOCK’s offers directly.

Philip (@PositiveCrypto) focuses mostly on the education of stock trading, in which he has…

Institutional insurance, EU legal compliance, Savings services with high-yield, and other innovations such as gold-backed PAXG token support — just a few interesting things the INLOCK team has come up with.

INLOCK has joined the Fireblocks network. Fireblocks provides easy-to-use and fast crypto asset management for financial service providers for whom maximum security is also important.

The last quarter of the project has undoubtedly been the busiest and most important period for us. After almost two years of preparation and development, we were finally able to test live on a new interpretation of the concept of community lending. For those who might not be familiar with the name of the INLOCK project, here’s a very brief summary: INLOCK is a community lending platform that aims to connect lenders and borrowers. The platform provides a cryptocurrency based asset management service.

The purpose of the INLOCK platform is to completely eliminate forced trust between the parties. For this…

Dear Inlockers,

As the CEO of the INLOCK platform and the person in charge of this project, I would like to share the following information with you. As we mentioned before, from time to time we will publish a report on current tasks and challenges in order to make our operations transparent to all members of the community.

Although, from an outside perspective, the summer has been very quiet for us, as we have not sent you tons of newsletters and have only shared the most necessary information on our social media channels, that does not mean that nothing has happened behind…

INLOCK, the P2P lending platform, has achieved significant results in its first 2 months. 1000 successful contracts, 250 active borrowers and just to mention a few.

It already has been more than two month since we launched the INLOCK P2P lending service at the beginning of May. Now it is time to analyze how this service has performed so far. Good reason to write this article is that we have just found out that INLOCK has been added to Altfinator’s website, one of the most respected start-up funding and capital raising platforms. …

Dear Inlockers!

Before we take on what happened last week, let’s start with our favorite stats

10 days statistics

We are just over 10 days of operation at the time of writing, it’s just amazing to let you know that after 6 months of extremely dedicated designing, testing and coding the INLOCK lending function launched without any issues!

  • 12% of the lending positions collected in a month through our early lender’s program was allocated in the first 24 hours.
  • after the first week that has grown to 74%.
  • despite the high allocation rate, even several thousand dollars worth of loans are available for…

On the 12th of April, we have successfully harvested the fruits of a busy one and a half year of hard work. Allow me to show you, in the midst of this euphoric whisper, that — for me — what it means to manage a startup today.

Who knows me knows exactly that although I have always worked around multinational ventures, I have also taken my fair share of building startups as well. INLOCK is not my first successful startup…. of course if you allow me to predestine our story successful. In fact, the basic wording is already wrong. INLOCK…

We have recently announced our latest cryptocurrency addition to be used as collateral on the INLOCK platform, being Cardano (Ada).

So in this article, I try to shed some light about the reasoning behind choosing the next coin to be added.

We, at INLOCK, have always strived for providing a transparent environment for our customers, where they are able to construct their custom collateralization portfolios according to their convenience.

Certainly, this does not mean that we will enlist each and every fancy coin out there, because it is known that on crypto exchanges the volumes are manipulated more often than…


INLOCK is a blockchain and smart contract based platform to provide a new use case digital assets.

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